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Coming to New York in 2018: A Floating Glass Museum | Mental Floss

What a cool project! I had the opportunity to watch so much glass blowing when I was in art school, and just watched a demo again last year at Corning Museum of Glass. It is mesmerizing.

GlassBarge will cruise up the Hudson River and along the Erie Canal, providing live glass-blowing demonstrations in port cities along the way.

Source: Coming to New York in 2018: A Floating Glass Museum | Mental Floss


Untitled. Acrylic paint on wood panel. 2017. 12″ x 12″

Getting ready for a show is a great moment to pause and really look at something again. I painted this several months ago and I just love it. I love the motion, the texture, and the interplay of the colors. It’s one of those pieces I’m a little tempted to keep, but it’s my job to offer it up to where ever it needs to go in the world.


My friend Willow has a great word: exfrightening. It’s the perfect word to describe how I feel about the upcoming 27th Annual Ithaca Artist Market.

I’ve never really stopped painting, but painting moved into a private place in my life about 20 years ago. In fact for a while, I was almost downright secretive about it. I kept my studio door closed. Apparently I had some things to work out.

One of those quiet whispers, the kind that we so often brush off, led me to apply for the market this past spring. Eep! I got in. And now I find myself preparing for a show for the first time in two decades. Exfrightening is where it’s at.