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Artist Bio

Rebecca Weger paints on wood, often with the most bold and dynamic colors she can find. She loves the feel of the full-body gesture on large surfaces and the denser interplay of layered mark-making that happens on smaller surfaces. She explores the questions: What is the work of being fully human? What is it to be self-aware and reflective? What is it our work to accept and what is it our work to change? What is hope?

Her influences include the visual art of Frank Stella, Henry Moore, Jenny Holzer, Constantin Brancusi; living in a female body in the United States; current events; the rarely quiet stylings of the monkey mind; and grappling with the limitations of chronic illness. Rebecca began seeing Ithaca casually while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University in 1996, and made a long-term commitment in 2001. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland.