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In Search of Sleep, with Bob Ross

Sleep stories, which are a cross between Books on Tape and bedtime stories, are the ideal vehicle for Ross’s style of meditative art instruction.

I too listened to the Bob Ross sleep story on Calm (which I use daily to support my meditation practice). It was sort of lovely. But honestly, I’d never really thought that much about his voice, and it has been amusing to me to hear how many people were taken with it.

This is more of what fascinated me about Bob Ross:

“The magic of Ross’s show was that he essentially skipped over the really hard part of realistic painting: translating the actual world into a flat image on a canvas. That process can be incredibly frustrating and nearly impossible. The fun of painting by formula is that it turns painting into a project requiring only persistence and a steady hand, offering the reward of an expected final product rather than an adventure that may come to naught.”


Source: In Search of Sleep, with Bob Ross

Courage is a heart word. Be Brave. Love hard. - Brene Brown

Braving the Wilderness

Courage is a heart word. Be Brave. Love hard. - Brene Brown

I love reading, reflecting, and learning new things. And often, I want to talk to other people about the thing I just learned. Folks have mixed responses to this, some humoring me, some genuinely interested, some really hoping I’ll get the hint and change the subject. Late last year I purchased Brene Brown‘s most recent book, “Braving the Wilderness.” It occurred to me that one way to have someone else to talk to about it would be to start a book group. So I did. We are only on the second chapter, but THIS GROUP IS AWESOME.  SO smart. SO willing to share. SO personally invested in the material.

The decision to gather folks together was one of those quiet whispers that I could have ignored, or toyed with, but not followed through. But one small foot in front of the other, listening, and now some bit of magic is happening.

Redecorating (my website)

Screenshot of a freshly redesigned Rebecca Weger Art website.

I was #inspired last week, and decided my website could use some #springcleaning (I know, #spring is just a pipe dream at this point here in #ithaca ). It’s got a new look and feel and I’m hoping its a little easier to find your way around.

I’m writing some periodic bog posts (Hey! This is one of them!) and a way to subscribe to that blog if that sort of thing interests you. It’s a pretty wide-ranging space for me. I spend a lot of time reading (books, news, blog posts) and writing. I’m interested in questions, ideas, connections between things, creating, designing, societal issues, social justice and some not always popular topics.

My website is the place to go if you want to sign up for my mostly monthly newsletter. In it I share some in-depth looks at my process, and let you know if I have any events going on.

And definitely the place to go to purchase a piece.  My Square store is linked right off the site. I’d love for you to have some of my work in your home or office. I believe that art belongs everywhere, and I sell pieces in a variety of price ranges to help facilitate that.

Rebecca Weger's home painting sudio. Her painting table, with a couple of in-process paintings, and a collection o fpaints, inks, mediums and brushes.

Studio peek: Behind the scenes

Rebecca Weger's home painting sudio. Her painting table, with a couple of in-process paintings, and a collection o fpaints, inks, mediums and brushes.
Rebecca Weger’s Painting Studio
Ithaca, NY, US

This is where the magic happens. I’m lucky enough to work from a home studio. A layer can go down while breakfast is in the oven, and be dry for the next to lay down before lunch. I have big sheets of painted plywood covered over with clear plastic sheeting resting on top of my grandmother’s porcelain-top table. I have easels too, but I tend to work flat for almost everything that is 12×12″ or smaller. The paints, inks and mediums I use most often live on my table. The ones I use less frequently are tucked away in the #elfa drawers in the corner.

Working from home gives me a lot of flexibility and more time to work than I would have if commuting was part of my day. It means I can do as much or as little as works for me on any given day, and gives me a chance to be inspired while passing by. It also means more time with #marigolddog and #sadiecat .

I’m primarily an intuitive painter, so part of my work is about really showing up. I need to be present with the painting so that I can tune into the flow of color, balance, contrast, texture, movement, space, and density. Which means I have to be present with myself too. My regular meditation practice helps me clear my mind and develop focus. Writing helps me sort myself out, discover approaches and new connections between ideas. Paying attention to my body helps me manage my energy and make choices that best support my health.

I try to document my work for my own benefit, and so I can share. I take photographs as layers are laid down. And I document my choices in my art journal. And I believe it is a good thing to show your work.